Warhol was mesmerized […] gliding the mouse eyes affixed to the monitor. Haring was bent over watching. Andy, his eyes wide, looked up, stared at Haring and said “Look! Keith! I drew a circle!

Quote by David Sheff from The Night Steve Jobs Met Andy Warhol

In 1984 Andy Warhol played with an Apple Macintosh computer and awkwardly used a mouse for the first time. He later explored early paint software on Amiga computers. In the last decade of his career Warhol also experimented with abstraction; in 1978 he made Shadows, a series of 102 abstract panels, a work that he described as “one painting with parts.”

ANDY’S CIRCLE is a series of digitally produced abstracts based on the first shape that Warhol drew with a mouse.

Source: andyscircle

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